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About us

Located in Switzerland, Germany, UAE and remote, SIT Learning is dedicated to bringing the most advanced learning tools and knowledge to everyone ranging from aspiring data scientists and software developers to professionals who play a leading role in the digital transformation of their organizations.

Our Vision

SIT Learning serves as a bridge between management and digital technologies, enabling individuals and organizations to continuously evolve, succeed and thrive in the digital transformation journey, whether they have aspirations to lead their companies into the future or to become IT specialists. SIT Learning is part of SIT, an international research-led institution headquartered in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Interdisciplinary and multicultural, SIT aims to address the most important world challenges through science, education, and technology.

Our Benefits

Leading-edge skills
to thrive in rapidly evolving sectors

Earned recognition
from top leaders and practitioners in the field

Full-cycle learning
from knowledge to application

A unique network
of entrepreneurs, investors and experts

Our Ecosystem

SIT Alemira

An integrated platform for learning, education, and science management designed for schools, universities, boot camps and businesses

SIT Capital

An International venture capital firm built by the world’s leading entrepreneurs to support early-stage digital startups around the world

SIT Rolos

A collaborative, intelligent multi-cloud platform that simplifies and accelerates the research lifecycle by using AI-based computational modeling

SIT Start Garden

A startup ecosystem where students, researchers, science and tech professionals can share and collaborate on innovative ideas


SIT Learning Team

Leadership Team

Team Member

Serg Bell

Founder & Chairman of the Board of Directors
Entrepreneur, investor, and executive with a 25-year record of building, leading, and growing succes...
Team Member

Dr. Yuri Levin

Founding CEO
Yuri is the founding CEO of SIT Learning. Prior to this, he was Dean of one of the world’s most pres...
Team Member

Dr. Mikhail Nediak

Head of Management Solutions
Mikhail is an acknowledged world expert in complex Management Science, Operations Research, and data...
Team Member

Laurent Meyer

Head of Technology Solutions
Ever since his childhood, Laurent has lived and breathed IT and entrepreneurship. His passion is to ...
Team Member

Daniela Meier

In addition to her MBA at the University of St.Gallen, Daniela worked in a wide variety of marketing...
Team Member

Daniele Roncaglioni

Ever since Daniele coded his first game while in high school, the passion for programming has never ...
Team Member

Tanya Gridchina

Chief of Staff
Tanya is an experienced professional dealing with complex issues focusing on planning, project manag...

Educational Advisors

Team Member

Dr. Evgeny Kaganer

Advisor, Learning Innovation and EdTech
"Evgeny Kaganer is Professor at IESE Business School where he teaches MBA and executive courses in d...
Team Member

Philipp Boksberger

Advisor, Management Solutions
As the former CEO and president of the Zurich Institute of Business Education (CEIBS Zurich Campus),...

Learning Solutions (Management)

Team Member

Alex Scott

Program Director (Analytics and Data Science)
Alex Scott is the Academic Director for the SIT Learning MMA, the Director of Group Risk Management ...
Team Member

Victor Veryasov

Client Engagement Middle East
Victor has more than 7 years of deep experience in business process optimization and product enhance...
Team Member

Otabek Nasirov

Client Engagement Central Asia
Otabek Nasirov part of the team responsible for client engagement in Central Asia at SIT Learning wi...

Learning Solutions (Technology)

Team Member

Dr. Ekaterina Butyugina

Data Science Program Manager & Instructor
Ekaterina studied mathematics at university and worked as Junior Researcher in Russia where she did ...
Team Member

Dipanjan Sarkar

Lead Data Scientist & Instructor
Dipanjan (DJ) is a Lead Data Science Consultant & Instructor, leading advanced analytics efforts aro...
Team Member

Albin Plathottathil

Data Science Consultant
Soon after graduating with a Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering, Albin found his interest in working...
Team Member

Ruben Villalon

Full-Stack Program Manager & Instructor
With an extensive background and experience in Banking and Finance, Ruben needed a change and decide...
Team Member

Cedric Delacombaz

Software Developer & Instructor
Cedric had previously worked as carpenter, clerk, travel agent and financial accountant. Each profes...
Team Member

Giuseppe Di Guglielmo

Software Developer & Instructor
As a child, he saw his job as getting second hand computers up and running. Since then, he has loved...
Team Member

Katharina Fürst

City Manager Munich
"Lifelong learning is one of the most important factors for one's own inner growth." At SIT Academy,...
Team Member

Marc Neuber

Student Success Specialist
After graduating from the Philipp University of Marburg, Marc decided to continue his education at o...

Alumni Relations, Marketing and Support

Team Member

Marianne Petitpierre

Chief Student Officer
Marianne brings 20 years of experience in executive education and is a strong believer in upskilling...
Team Member

Nick Patel

Marketing and Communications
"Nick Patel is a marketing leader with an Executive MBA from the University of Western Ontario Richa...
Team Member

Claudia Boker

Content Marketing Specialist
With many years of experience in the hospitality industry, Claudia chose a different and more creati...
Team Member

Mai Kraemer

Business Coordinator
Mai knows people! After several years in the hospitality industry, she kept hearing all this stuff a...

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