Student projects Full-Stack class #12

Final projects of our Full-Stack class #12

Final projects of our Full-Stack class #12

Published on 26-08-2020

During the last three weeks of the Full-Stack development program the students work on a final project and develop a website from scratch. The main objective is to deliver a functional prototype for companies like Sailcom or to develop additional functionalities for existing platforms. This is a very important part of the bootcamp, as the students get the chance to implement the knowledge they have acquired during the previous weeks and to work on a real project for a company. 

The Full Stack Class (Batch 12: May 11, 2020 - July 31, 2020) worked on and presented the following five projects: 

  1. a platform to incentivize blood donation, 
  2. a web application to improve the process to rent and manage sailboats, 
  3. an application to digitize the process for the Beach Volley Referees in Switzerland,
  4. a system to simplify technical coding interviews,
  5. and a new CV and cover letter generator tool for a Job Tracking platform (

Read more about each individual project below:

BloodvalYou - Blood Donation Platform

for SIT Academy

There are two common phenomena: repeated blood shortage due to a lack of donors and regular visits to the doctor by many, often young and healthy people, merely to “check” blood values.

For this, a non-monetary platform was created, to incentivise people to donate blood and get rewarded based on a points system. For each donation, the donor is credited with a certain number of points, which can then be exchanged for a blood test. The results from the blood test can be looked up directly via a web application and if necessary be forwarded to the doctor. The advantage of this approach lies mainly in the simplification of processes between blood donation centers, laboratories and donors.

Based on this idea, the students created a new platform with the following features:
  • different types of accounts for clinics and donors
  • search functionality with an interactive map for users (donors) to find nearby clinics
  • reward system for users, to earn points and show them in the users account dashboard
  • function to redeem points for blood tests
  • QR system integration
  • functionality for clinics to create a request for donations and determine the number of points to be redeemed
Final project bloodval dashboard

SailCom Platform


SailCom is a company that rents sailing boats to its members. Currently, SailCom has about 2’800 members and owns 60 boats. To become a member, one needs to have a sailing licence and pays the membership fee. Users can book the boats they are certified for, after having taken classes. 
The main challenge in this project was to automate all main processes, for which the students were working on the following new features and functionalities:

  • account login for users 
  • getting instructions and register for courses
  • booking and reservation system to rent sailboats
  • find and invite other users for a trip
  • mobile friendly user interface

SailCom app


The prototype has been finished and is now going to be presented to SailCom in order to get some feedback and evaluate the possibility of continuing working on the project.

Referee Management Tool

for the Swiss Volley Association

One of the students, Laura Rüegg, is the president of the beach volleyball refereeing commission in Switzerland. The problem in the past was that the assignment of the referees to the tournaments of the highest beach volleyball tour has been done with an Excel spreadsheet. Referees have sent their availability via email to the president, who then had to manually check who is available and assign them to different events, which is a very time consuming and error prone process.

To overcome this problem, a platform was developed, where:

  • every referee can create an account and login to keep their contact details up to date with two different user roles as Administrator and Referee
  • the administrator is able to see the availability of the referees during the upcoming season and assign them to a tournament
  • the administrator can create events and accept or decline referees for each event

Referee Management Tool - Swiss Volleyball Association

Technical Interview platform for the Full-Stack Program admission

for SIT Academy

To get accepted to the Full-Stack program at SIT Academy, the candidates have to pass a technical interview based on JavaScript, which is conducted by the SIT Academy Team. Since SIT Academy receives more than 100 applications per batch, it is a time consuming process for the student and the team.

To overcome this problem, a platform was created, where the program managers (from SIt Academy) can send a link to the candidates to create their accounts and complete the technical interview within a certain timeframe. The results will be calculated immediately to let the candidate know, if he passed or not. 

Some features and functionalities that were developed are:

  • emails can be sent to the candidate with a link to the platform
  • the administrator can create different types of programming language tests from JavaScript to Python
  • candidates are able to create and login to their account, where they are able to view the available/completed tests and update their profiles
  • web development environment where the tests can be done in real-time
  • results are calculated immediately and an automatically generated email is sent to the administrator and candidate

Technical Interview Challenges


The platform can not only help SIT Academy streamlining their application process and save hundreds of hours per year interviewing candidates, it can also be helpful for other companies that hire technical people. 

Companies can improve the quality of their hiring process by choosing the skills they require (react, css) for a specific role and let the candidates complete the assignment during a given time period. The platform can help to improve the hiring process and get a better understanding of the current knowledge of the candidate.

JobTracker - CV and Cover Letter Generator Features

for SIT Academy

Job Tracker started as a platform built by SIT Academy for the students, in order to keep track of their job applications, using a Kanban dashboard with a Drag and Drop functionality. One very useful functionality of the platform is that users can add an administrator to the account, making it possible for the administrator not only to review the job-seeker dashboard, but also to propose new jobs and support the job-seeker in the application process.  

The students challenge was to add extra functionalities to the current version of the Job Tracker platform. One of those new features was that users can create and download their CV in a PDF format, based on the information on their profile. In order to get there it was necessary to improve the profile section, where users are now able to:

  • add basic information like phone number or/and address
  • add the last 3 job experiences with dates, description, company name, and position
  • add skills and languages

The second feature we wanted to implement was a Cover Letter generator. For this, it was necessary to implement extra fields in the job description to be extracted in the cover letter generation process and at the same time allowing the job-seeker to edit or improve any section of the cover letter in the preview mode.

JobTracker - Tool - CV and Cover Letter Generator


The new features and the improved design had a great impact on the CV tracking tool, which is currently used by all the SIT Academy students and which will be released in the coming days for all the job-seekers out there. We can't wait.

We were very excited to see what our students learned during this short period of time and the amazing projects they developed at the end of the bootcamp. We want to thank you for this great time and we wish you all the best for your next career steps.

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